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We understand. We get it.

It’s a daunting process to, first, decide to build or renovate a home swimming pool. And, second, it’s even more daunting and nerve racking to try and find the best swimming pool contractor for the job.

So, how can you be sure you are doing the right things and asking the right questions? Here are some tips from valuable online financial resource SuperMoney.

And, as an aside, we here at Desert Springs Pools have been in business for decades, building Las Vegas swimming pools and spas, and offer a proven track record and the ability to walk you through the process from start to finish and beyond.

Writes Dustin Clendenen on the site: “Before you begin your search for the right pool builder, you first have to figure out what type of pool you want and determine your budget.┬áThen, you must follow the three crucial steps below to avoid costly mistakes when hiring and working with a contractor.”

Those cructial steps?

  1. Narrow down a list of top contractors.

A few ways to do this is ask friends or other associates with pools you like who was their contractor. You can also check out past customer testimonials and even ask the contractors to provide you with past customers who would be willing to talk to you about their experiences. Also, make sure the contractors are licensed, bonded and ask how long they have been in business. Longevity counts in this business. Also, another way to ensure a contractor is doing things right is how they handle the small stuff. Is the website looking good? Do they blog or communicate in others ways? Do they have an office or showroom?

(By the way, Desert Springs can answer in the positive to each of the above, but we suggest you do the research and make sure you are comfortable with your selection).

  1. Secure bids.

Once you have determined a few contractors, then ask for bids and make sure you get them in writing and that they are apples to apples comparisons. You should also ask about free consultation, do they do 3d renderings of the plans, what is the timetable?, etc.

Do do offer free consultation and offer 3d technology and will submit a very clear and easy to understand bid.

  1. Make the deal.

Once you are comfortable, the final part is making the deal. What are the terms? What is the payment schedule? What is the timeline? When will they start? What needs to be done before the process begins?

Well, there you go. A few good tips as you begin the process. As always, we are hear to answer any and all questions and our job is to make your swimming pool project easy.

Give us a call to get started and let us give your a free quote and consultation.

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